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The Research Training Group on Nominal Modification at the Goethe University Frankfurt

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Dissertation Projects

Ongoing dissertations

Priscilla Lola Adenuga
The syntax of nominal expressions in Ògè: a minimalist approach

Ahmad Al-Bitar
Definiteness in (Syrian) Arabic

Fenna Bergsma
Mismatching free relatives across languages

Abigail Anne Bimpeh
Reporting attitudes in Ewe

Sebastian Bredemann
Phonological agreement in Vata

Seyna Maria Carlucci-Dirani
Why two definite articles? How the information structure governs morpho-syntactic variation- a re-search on the definite article forms in South Hessen

Astrid Gößwein
Processing and complexity in prenominal participle constructions in German

Lydia Grohe
The acquisition of double prenominal adjectives

Melanie Hobich
The was für construction from a cross-linguistic and diachronic perspective

David Lahm 
The Underspecified Semantics of “different”

Yat Han Lai
Word Order and Information Structure in Cantonese: An experimental approach

Carolin Reinert 
The Compositionality of Adjective Noun Constructions

Emine Şahingöz
Expressing Definiteness in Ossetic – The Development from Definite Particle to Stress Shift

Ruby Sleeman
The syntax and semantics of ordinals in Dutch and German

Sanja Srdanović
The referential properties of Serbian possessive constructions

Completed dissertations


Eugenia Fahrnbach
Variation in enclitic possessive constructions in Southern Italian dialects: a syntactic analysis

Yranahan Traoré
The Morphology and the Phonology of the Nominal Domain in Tagbana

Sarah Duong Phu
Discontinuous noun phrases in Vietnamese

Merle Weicker
The role of semantic complexity for the acquisition of adjectives

Sabrina Weber
Nominal Modification in Language Production: Extraposition of Prepositional Phrases in German


Mariam Kamarauli
The Nominal Domain in Georgian. A Diachronic Analysis

Maria Kofer
Definiteness and nominal modification in the Balkan languages

Anja Šarić
Variation in enclitic possessive constructions in Southern Italian dialects: a syntactic analysis