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GK Colloquium

Summer Semester 2023 

Tuesdays 16:00 (c.t.)-18:00, IG 251 (IG Farben Building ground floor, on the left side of the Rotunda cafe, in the direction of entrance of the university)

Information related to the talks will be regularly updated on this website and will be shared as well on the Linguistikvoertaege Mailing List. For the current schedule of talks see the table below. Please note that if a talk is announced to be online, it will take place fully online on Zoom, otherwise the talks will be onsite with an option of online participation.

For any questions and requests please contact the coordinator of RTG ‘Nominal Modification’ Dr. Derya Nuhbalaoglu-Ayan (E-mail). 

DateSpeaker/Event type Title
Rowena Garcia
Assigning and ordering thematic roles in Tagalog: Evidence from corpus and experimental work
(online talk)
Tania Ionin
Every configuration is not ambiguous: Experimental investigations into quantifier scope in native and non-native grammars
25.04.2023Orin PercusIdentity issues after Flight AF006
02.05.2023SFB Meeting (only PIs)--
David AdgerSubextraction from nominals in Mereological Syntax
Theresa BiberauerThe 'edge of chaos' in language variation and change: a minimalist perspective
Ken HiraiwaN’-ellipsis in Japanese and Okinawan: Deletion or Haplology?
30.05.2023SFB Meeting (only PIs)
Hedde ZeijlstraOn DP-CP identity
(online talk)
Mora Maldonado
Understanding the cross-linguistic distribution of person systems: A behavioural perspective
20.06.2023SFB Meeting (only PIs)--
27.06.2023Mark Van de VeldeScenario based explanations for the structure of nominal expressions
04.07.2023Elli TourtouriThe secret lives of adjectives: An information-theoretic perspective on the use of adjectival modification
(online talk)
Kriszta E. SzendröiThe syntax and morphology of the noun phrase in Contemporary Hasidic Yiddish

Previous Meetings

Winter Semester 2022/23 

Tuesdays 16:00 (c.t.)-18:00, Room SH 5.101
Information related to the talks will be regularly updated on this website and will be shared as well on the Linguistikvoertaege Mailing List. For the current schedule of talks see the table below.

For any questions and requests please contact the coordinator of RTG ‘Nominal Modification’ Dr. Derya Nuhbalaoglu-Ayan (E-mail). 

DateSpeaker/Event type Title
18.10.2022PR internal meeting--
25.10.2022 No Colloquium--
01.11.2022No Colloquium--
08.11.2022SFB Meeting: PRs only
15.11.2022Norvin Richards Finding something to lean on: linkers and modification in Contiguity Theory
22.11.2022Louise McNally Using adjectives for reference: A cross-linguistic perspective
29.11.2022Nehir AygülComputing Quantifier Scope in Scrambling Languages: a study in Turkish
06.12.2022Maximilian BertholdNominal aktionsarten: a formal account
Julien Foglietti
The first name/last name asymmetry - Update on the experimental design and a possible semantic analysis
13.12.2023Giacomo PresottoBetter alone than in bad company. Trade-offs between redundant and deficient cues assist the integration of ORCs.
Dimitrios KotopoulisThe case of Greek adjectival complements
10.01.2023Pilar Barbosa
(online talk)
GK Colloquium January 10th: Pilar Barbosa
17.01.2023Tommaso MattiuzziBare nouns in any kind of place: a corpus-based approach to Italian bare PPs
24.01.2023Anita ObenausWhat makes a classifier a classifier? – Source constructions and the distinction to nominal roots in the Bolivian Arawak languages
31.01.2023Dan Parker Sometimes more is less: How syntactic complexity impacts processing dynamics
07.02.2023Niels Schiller Nominal features in language production: The case of gender and classifier processing

Summer Semester 2022

Tuesdays 16:00 (c.t.)-18:00, Room SH 1.104/Zoom
Information related to the talks will be updated regularly on this website (see below for the Colloquium Program: click to download the Colloquium poster)

DateSpeaker/Event type Title
(virtual talk)
Ludovica Serratrice (University of Reading)
To share or not to share? Priming syntactic representations in young bilinguals
(virtual talk)
Thomas McFadden (ZAS)What the structural/inherent case distinction can tell us about the implementation of dependent case
26.04.2022Meeting of the Selection Committee Virtual meeting
03.05.2022SFB Meeting
(only PRs)
(virtual talk)
Paula Rubio-Fernandez (MIT)The psychophysics of referential communication: Discriminability vs informativity
(virtual talk)
Manfred Sailer (GU)Workshop on using 'sketchengine'
(virtual talk)
Mark C. Baker (Rutgers University)On logophoric phenomena inside nominals: Implications for NP structure
31.05.2022Juliette Thuilier (Université Jean Jaurès Toulouse)Modeling the position of the attributive adjective in French: a quantitative and experimental approach
(virtual talk)
Artemis Alexiadou (Humboldt University of Berlin)Numeral-noun combinations and the hidden partitive hypothesis revisited
14.06.2022Maria Teresa Guasti (University of Milan Bicocca & ZAS, Berlin)Relative clauses across languages and across mode of acquisition
21.06.2022Elaine Francis (Purdue University)Gradient acceptability at the intersections of syntax, discourse, and language processing
28.06.2022Adrian Brasoveanu (University of Santa Cruz)Induction of Rule Ordering in Production-based Processing Models
05.07.2022Alexandra Simonenko (Ghent University)What can historical treebanks teach us about noun phrase semantics?
12.07.2022Shota Momma (University of California)Structure building in speaking

Winter Semester 2021/22 

Tuesdays 16:00 (c.t.)-18:00, over Zoom.
Information related to the talks will be updated regularly on this website (see below for the Colloquium Program).

DateSpeaker/Event type Title
26.10.2021No Colloquium
09.11.2021Viktor KöhlichOn the Syntactic Status of the Element –no and the Categorization of no-Modifiers in Japanese
16.11.2021 (17:00-18:00)Sebastian Bredemann Phonologically conditioned gender mismatches in French
23.11.2021No Colloquium
30.11.2021No Colloquium
14.12.2021Dimitrios Kotopoulis Theories of KP
Tommaso Mattiuzzi(Lack of) Nominal Modification: What ‘slim’ nominals might tell us about modifiers
11.01.2022Julien FogliettiProper names where you don’t expect them – What should we do about derived uses of proper names?
Anna PreßlerThe position of French attributive adjectives: a closer look at semantic considerations
18.01.2022Ahmad Al-BitarWhy two word orders of the superlative in Syrian Arabic?
Joana Ferreira
Some remarks on the selectional properties of “possível”: from Latin to modern European Portuguese
25.01.2022Prof. Liliana Sánchez
(University of Illinois Chicago)
Differential Object Marking and Clitic Doubling in Spanish across the contact continuum
01.02.2022Emine ŞahingözDifferential Object Marking in Ossetic: A corpus-based analysis
Emma Merritt
Identifying Areas of Difficulty in the Comprehension of Recursion
08.02.2022Nasimeh BahmanianArgument structure affects relative clause extraposition: Evidence from a corpus study on Persian
Nehir Aygül
Computing Quantifier Scope
15.02.2022Giacomo PresottoOn the disambiguation of subjects and objects in ORCs. Some thoughts on ameliorations in intervention effects
Maximilan Berthold
Nominal Aktionsarten

Summer Semester 2021 (Virtual GK Colloquium)

Tuesdays 16:00 (c.t.)-18:00, the access link will be provided internally via mailing lists.

Information related to the talks will be updated regularly on this website (see below for the Colloquium Program).

DateSpeaker/Event type Title
13.04.2021Sol Lago (Goethe University)Grammatical illusions in bilingual processing
Virtual social event: Welcome and Farewell
20.04.2021SFB Group Meeting (only PRs)--
27.04.2021Katharina Hartmann & Johannes Mursell (Goethe University)Typing Relative Clauses in Dagbani (Mabia)
04.05.2021Luigi Rizzi (University of Geneva/ University of Siena)Some thoughts on merge: typology, labeling, and freezing effects
11.05.2021Gert Webelhuth (Goethe University) On the role of c-command in German
18.05.2021Ora Matushansky (CNRS)En France, à Paris, là-dedans - où?
25.05.2021SFB Group Meeting (only PRs)--
01.06.2021Judith Tonhauser (University of Stuttgart)A time-relational framework for the temporal interpretation of noun phrases
08.06.2021Nikolaus P. Himmelmann (University of Cologne)Determiners in Wooi (West Papua)
15.06.2021Eulàlia Bonet Alsina (University of Barcelona)Allomorphy and floating segments
SFB Group Meeting (only PRs)--
29.06.2021 (12:00 PM-14:00 PM, CET)Peng Zhou (Tsinghua University)
06.07.2021Fatima Hamlaoui (University of Toronto)CANCELLED!!!

Winter Semester 2020/21 (Virtual GK Colloquium)

Tuesdays 16:00 (c.t.)-18:00, Virtual Meetings (the access link will be provided internally via mailing lists)

Information related to the talks will be updated regularly on this website (see below for the Colloquium Program).

DateSpeaker Title
03.11.2020No Colloquium--
10.11.2020SFB Group Meeting
(only PRs)
17.11.2020Emine Şahingöz Centering in Ossetic
Viktor Köhlich Direct and Indirect Modification in Modern Standard Japanese
24.11.2020Search Committee Meeting
(only PRs)
01.12.2020Ana Perez-Leroux & Erin Pettibone (University of Toronto) Context sensitivity and adjective interpretation in Spanish
08.12.2020Christoph Scheepers
(University of Glasgow)
Syntactic Priming of Relative-Clause Attachments:
Implications for the Mental Representation of Syntax
15.12.2020SFB Group Meeting
(only PRs)
12.01.2021Ahmad Al-Bitar Abstract 'average': a Unique modifier
Yat Han Lai Processing non-canonical order
19.01.2021Theresa Biberauer
(University of Cambridge)
26.01.2021Sebastian BredemannAccounting for optimizing and non-optimizing phonologically conditioned allomorphy
Emma MerrittRecursive Structures in Language Acquisition: Recent findings, open questions, and implications for linguistic theory
02.02.2021Akinbiyı Akinlabi
(Rutgers University)
SFB Group Meeting
(only PRs)
16.02.2021Natalie RollerStrategies of Nominal Modification in Tagalog
Anna PreßlerThe role of phonological factors in word order phenomena

Summer Semester 2020 (Virtual GK Colloquium)

Tuesdays 16:00 (c.t.)-18:00, Virtual Meetings (the access link will be provided internally)

*Please note that the program will be updated regularly.

DateSpeaker Title
21.04.2020No colloquium --
28.04.2020Search Committee MeetingGK related
05.05.2020Internal Meeting (PRs only)SFB related
12.05.2020Internal Meeting (PRs only)GK related
19.05.2020Marcin Morzynski (UBC)Interpreting Multiple Superlatives: Covert Modality and Semantic Viruses
26.05.2020Astrid GößweinDouble center embedding of prenominal participle constructions and relative clauses in German
02.06.2020Fenna BergsmaCase competition in headless relatives: a Germanic typology
Ruby SleemanModifying superlatives: German ordinal-compounding vs. the Dutch exceptive op…na
09.06.2020Internal Meeting (PRs only)SFB related
16.06.2020Sanja SrdanovićPossessive pronouns do not c-command out of the noun phrase in Serbian: Evidence from a self-paced reading task
Emine ŞahingözOn the traces of i
23.06.2020Ted Gibson (MIT)Information processing and cross-linguistic universals
30.06.2020Sebastian BredemannOn the influence of phonology in morphological realization
Abigail Anne BimpehControl Phenomena in Ewe
07.07.2020Lydia GroheMultiple adjectival modification in child spontaneous speech and in the adult input
Yat Han LaiThe production of non-canonical orders
(2pm Berlin time)
Michael Yoshitaka Erlewine (National University of Singapore) Patterns of relativization in Austronesian and Tibetan
14.07.2020Priscilla Lola Adenuga Plural sensitivity to animacy and definiteness: crosslinguistic evidence
Melanie Hobich On wh-exclamatives

Winter Semester 2019/2020

Tuesdays 16:00 (c.t.)-18:00, Room SH 0.107 (Seminarhaus),
Uni Campus Westend <>

DateSpeaker Title
15.10.2019Internal Meeting (PRs only)--
22.10.2019Fenna BergsmaDeriving a typology of case mismatches in free relatives
29.10.2019Internal SFB Meeting (PRs only)--
05.11.2019Lisa ChengVerb-stranding Ellipsis: evidence from Cantonese
12.11.2019Internal SFB Meeting (PRs only)--
19.11.2019No Colloquium--
26.11.2019Sanja SrdanovićCataphoric pronoun resolution in Serbian
03.12.2019Emine ŞahingözDigor-Ossetic Definite Particle i
10.12.2019Internal SFB Meeting (PRs only)--
17.12.2019Melanie HobichKIND-interrogatives as predicational?
14.01.2020Peter HallmanComparison and adjective ordering in Arabic
21.01.2020Martina WiltschkoLet’s interact with high end nominals
28.01.2020Sebastian BredemannAdjectival Agreement in Vata
04.02.2020Shanley AllenThe role of information density and cross-linguistic influence
in the L2 processing of complex nominal compounds
11.02.2020David ErschlerDepictives in Ossetic and Cross-Linguistic Variation in Modification by Depictives

Summer Semester 2019

Tuesdays 16:00-18:00 SH 5.105, Uni Campus Westend

18.06.2019Elly van GelderenRemarks on nominal modification
11.06.2019Zorica Puškar Gallien Disassembling and reassembling pronouns
04.06.2019Elsi KaiserHead-final relative clauses and animacy effects: What corpus patterns and psycholinguistic studies can tell us
21.05.2019Hannah Sande Doubly morphologically conditioned phonology
14.05.2019Shravan Vasishth Prenominal relatives clauses in Mandarin: Implications for theories of sentence processing
07.05.2019Charles Yang Language shapes children’s understanding of number
23.04.2019--Inauguration of the 2nd funding period of the Research Training Group on ‘Nominal Modification I

Winter Semester 2018/2019

Tuesdays 16:00-18:00, Room IG 1.314 (Eisenhower-Room)

16.10.2018.Priscilla AdenugaRelabelling Adjunction: A modification analysis in Ògè
Fenna BergsmaOn the distribution of waarmee and met wat in Dutch free relatives
23.10.2018.Lyn FrazierProcessing ellipsis: The circumstances of repair
30.10.2018.Gregory ScontrasThe role of subjectivity in adjective ordering preferences
06.11.2018.Ianthi TsimpliAspects of linguistic complexity in bilingual children’s grammars
13.11.2018.Yat Han LaiProcessing non-canonical structures in Cantonese
20.11.2018.Lydia GroheRound blue table or blue round table: The production of double prenominal adjectives in acquisition
27.11.2018.Ruby SleemanPrenominal modifiers in Dutch: ordinals and superlatives
04.12.2018.Abigail BimpehOn (anti)logophoricity in Ewedomegbe
11.12.2018.Enoch AbohD: A spurious category
18.12.2018.Sanja SrdanovićBinding Principle B in Serbian possessive constructions: clitics vs. strong pronouns
15.01.2019.Natalia GagarinaReferentiality in bilingual oral and written texts
Marcel den DikkenOne syntax for all: A unified representational system for syntax and phonology
22.01.2019.Melanie HobichFrom head to phrase to clause. The syntactic change of quantifiers in Germanic and its implications for ‘was für’
29.01.2019.David Adger Meaningless Movements in the Noun Phrase
05.02.2019.Astrid GößweinExtended nominal modifiers – participle constructions in German and English
12.02.2019.Sebastian Bredemann Phonological agreement
Emine ŞahingözOssetic Phrasal Accent - A first Approach

Summer Semester 2018

10.10.2018.Ivano CaponigroRichard Montague’s Turn Towards Natural Language
26.06.2018.Philippe SchlenkerGestural Semantics
29.05.2018.Heidi KlockmannFrom N to Q: The morphosyntax of Polish and English quantificational expressions
15.05.2018.Shigeru MiyagawaDeriving Case Theory
08.05.2018.Malte ZimmermannFind Construction Analyze: Making Sense of Serial Verb Constructions

Winter Semester 2017/2018

Date Speaker Title
06.02.2018.Sabina Halupka-RešetarWh-phrases in the nominal domain in Serbian
23.01.2018.Ruby SleemanOrdinal numerals in dialects of Dutch
Lydia GroheThe acquisition of double prenominal modifiers
16.01.2018.Priscilla AdenugaNominal Attributive Modifiers (NAM) in Ògè
Carolin ReinertThe role of context for as- and for-intersectives
09.01.2018.Melanie Hobich The origin of the German(ic) was für construction and its implications.
Abigail Anne BimpehExclusives in Ewe
12.12.2017.Astrid GößweinExperimental studies on the agreement of hybrid nouns in German
Sanja SrdanovićThe structure and binding of Serbian possessives: a challenge for bilinguals?
05.12.2017.Fenna BergsmaSyncretism = shared syntax + shared spellout
Yat Han LaiProcessing Relative Clauses in German and Cantonese: an experimental study