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The Graduate School on Nominal Modification at the University of Frankfurt

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Timetable for GK Colloquium

Winter Semester 2018/2019

Tuesdays 16:00-18:00 SH 3.104

16.10.2018.Priscilla AdenugaRelabelling Adjunction: A modification analysis in Ògè
Fenna BergsmaOn the distribution of waarmee and met wat in Dutch free relatives
23.10.2018.Lyn FrazierProcessing ellipsis: The circumstances of repair
30.10.2018.Gregory Scontrastba
06.11.2018.Ianthi Tsimplitba
13.11.2018.Yat Han Laitba
20.11.2018.Ruby Sleemantba
27.11.2018.Lydia Grohetba
04.12.2018.Abigail Bimpehtba
11.12.2018.Enoch Abohtba
18.12.2018.Sanja Srdanovićtba
15.01.2019.Natalia Gagarinatba
22.01.2019.Melanie Hobichtba
22.01.2019.David Adgertba
05.02.2019.Astrid Gößweintba
12.02.2019.Sebastian Bredemann tba
Emine Sahingöztba


Summer Semester 2018

10.10.2018.Ivano CaponigroRichard Montague’s Turn Towards Natural Language
26.06.2018.Philippe SchlenkerGestural Semantics
29.05.2018.Heidi KlockmannFrom N to Q: The morphosyntax of Polish and English quantificational expressions
15.05.2018.Shigeru MiyagawaDeriving Case Theory
08.05.2018.Malte ZimmermannFind Construction Analyze: Making Sense of Serial Verb Constructions

Winter Semester 2017/2018

Date Speaker Title
06.02.2018.Sabina Halupka-RešetarWh-phrases in the nominal domain in Serbian
23.01.2018.Ruby SleemanOrdinal numerals in dialects of Dutch
Lydia GroheThe acquisition of double prenominal modifiers
16.01.2018.Priscilla AdenugaNominal Attributive Modifiers (NAM) in Ògè
Carolin ReinertThe role of context for as- and for-intersectives
09.01.2018.Melanie Hobich The origin of the German(ic) was für construction and its implications.
Abigail Anne BimpehExclusives in Ewe
12.12.2017.Astrid GößweinExperimental studies on the agreement of hybrid nouns in German
Sanja SrdanovićThe structure and binding of Serbian possessives: a challenge for bilinguals?
05.12.2017.Fenna BergsmaSyncretism = shared syntax + shared spellout
Yat Han LaiProcessing Relative Clauses in German and Cantonese: an experimental study