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Doctoral students

  • Dirani, Seyna Maria. (accepted). Zum unterschiedlichen Artikelgebrauch im Südhessischen – Empirie trifft auf Theorie. In Speyer, A. & Schüler, J. (Hrsg.): Syntax aus Saarbrücker Sicht 3. Beiträge der SaRDiS-Tagung zur Dialektsyntax.  (pdf, acceptance letter)
  • Dirani, Seyna Maria & Helmut Weiß. (accepted): Strong or weak? Or: how information structure governs morpho-syntactic variation. In Dammel, A. & Schallert, O. (eds.):  Morphological variation – theoretical and empirical perspectives. Amsterdam: John Benjamins [Linguistic aktuell/Linguistics today] (pdf, acceptance letter)
  • Duong Phu, Sarah. (2016). Properties of Discontinuous Noun Phrases in Vietnamese. In Võ Văn Sen et al. (eds.) Teaching, Researching Vietnamese Studies and Vietnamese Language: Theoretical and Applied Issues. (Giảng Dạy, Nghiên Cứu Việt Nam Học và Tiếng Việt Những Vấn Đề Lí Thuyết và Thực Tiễn.), 585–598. Binh Chau, Ba Ria – Vung Tau: NXB Đại học quốc Gia TP Hồ Chi Minh. (pdf)
  • Duong Phu, Sarah. (2017). Syntactic and Semantic Aspects of Discontinuous Noun Phrases in Vietnamese. In Hohaus, V. & Rothe, W. (eds.) Proceedings of Triple A 3, 100-110. (pdf)
  • Duong Phu, Sarah. (2018). The Effect of Prosodic Boundaries on Vietnamese Continuous and Discontinuous Noun Phrases. In M. Belz, C. Mooshammer, S. Fuchs, S. Jannedy, O. Rasskazova, & M. Żygis (eds.), Proceedings of the conference on phonetics and phonology in German-speaking countries. (pdf)
  • Hirschberg, Tim, Carolin Reinert, Anna Roth and Caroline Féry. (2014). Relative Clauses in Colloquial and Literary German: A Contrastive Corpus-Based Study. Linguistische Berichte (LB), 240, pp. 405 – 445. (pdf)
  • Kamarauli, Mariam. (2013). OLAT goes Georgian (E-learning learning learning-platform of Georgian at the Frankfurt University). In: Georgian Language and Modern Technologies, Tbilissi, Georgia. (pdf)
  • Kamarauli, Mariam. (2015). Determiners and modifiers in Old and Modern Georgian I. In Language and Modern Technologies, Tbilissi, Georgia (pdf)
  • Kamarauli, Mariam. (2016). Determiners and modifiers in Old and Modern Georgian II. In Getegra II – Nominals, Recife, Brasil. (pdf)
  • Lahm, David. (2016a). “Different” as a restriction on Skolem functions. Semantics and Linguistics Theory (SALT) 26, pp. 546-565. (pdf)
  • Lahm, David. (2016b). Refining the semantics of lexical rules in HPSG. In D. Arnold, M. Butt, B. Crysmann, T.H. King and S. Müller (Eds.): Proceedings of the Joint 2016 Conference on Head-driven Phrase Structure Grammar and Lexical Functional Grammar, pp. 360-379, CSLI Publications. (pdf)
  • Reinert, Carolin. (2012). Linguistische Aspekte der (Schwer-)Verständlichkeit von Vertragstexten. Linguistische Berichte (LB), 231, pp. 317 – 346. (pdf)
  • Šarić, Anja. (2015). Intervention, defectiveness and failure: agreement with numeral phrases in Serbo-Croatian. In Proceedings of SICOGG. (pdf)
  • Šarić, Anja. (2015). Preposition stranding under sluicing in Serbo-Croatian. Journal for languages and literatures of the faculty of philosophy in Novi Sad, 5(5), 33-43. (pdf)
  • Šarić, Anja. (2016). The effect of music on task performance of monolinguals and bilinguals. Language in Focus International Journal of Studies in Applied Linguistics and ELT, 337-354. (pdf)
  • Traore, Yranahan. & Caroline Féry. (accepted). Nominal classes and phonological agreement in Fròʔò (Tagbana). To appear in a secret Festschrift. (pdf)
  • Traore, Yranahan. & Caroline Féry. (accepted). Syllable structure and loanword adaptation in Fròʔò. In Lotven, Samson Alexander (ed.) ACAL 2017 Proceedings. Language Science Press. (pdf, acceptance letter)
  • Weicker, Merle & Petra Schulz. (accepted). Red train, big train, broken train – semantic aspects of adjectives in child language. In Matthew Rispoli and Tania Ionin (eds.), Selected Proceedings of the 7th Generative Approaches to Language Acquisition North America (GALANA-7). Amsterdam: John Benjamins. (pdf, acceptance letter)
  • Weicker, Merle & Petra Schulz. (in press). Is clean the same as not dirty? On the Understanding of Absolute Gradable Adjectives. In Anne B. Bertolini and Maxwell J. Kaplan (eds.), BUCLD 42: Proceedings of the 42nd annual Boston University Conference on Language Development. Cascadilla Press. (pdf, acceptance letter)