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David Lahm


Dissertation Project

I work on the syntax and semantics of adjectives like same and different using Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar and Lexical Resource Semantics, a framework for underspecified semantics.




Lahm, David

"Different" as a restriction on Skolem functions Inproceedings

Moroney, Mary ; Little, Carol-Rose; Collard, Jacob; Burgdorf, Dan (Ed.): Semantics and Linguistics Theory (SALT) 26, pp. 546-565, Linguistic Society of America Linguistic Society of America and CLC Publications, 2016, ISBN: 2163-5951.

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Lahm, David

An Alternative to the HPSG Raising Principle on the Description Level Inproceedings

Müller, Stefan (Ed.): Proceedings of the 16th International Conference on Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar, University of Göttingen, Germany, pp. 192-212, CSLI Publications, Standford, 2009.

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